ground control to major tom

the year was 1969…

…that this came out:


and yesterday, at 10am or so, it played on my ipod shuffle list as track 3,815!

now why is that significant?

it’s important to have goals, i’ve been told…and at the beginning of the summer i set one for myself – to make it half way through “da list”. “da list” is a playlist on my ipod that’s good to shuffle as i drive. i’m not a normal guy when it comes to music; i don’t like a song in the middle of a dj mix, where you hear the last eight seconds of a song, then a full song, then the first few moments of the next song as a track in the shuffle. i also don’t like a mid-live album song playing where the applause cuts off cold or they start to introduce the next song, so i can’t shuffle my WHOLE ipod. but the current shuffle list is 7,629 tracks long…and if you pull your ipod to update it you start over. likewise, if you jump off “da list” to, say, listen to a fatboy slim mix you start over. so i had to commit to just sitting through the random shuffle, come what may, to see if i could make it across the fifty yard line, which would be track 3,815…and i started on the friday of memorial day weekend. i figured i’d finish before labor day, but then the last weekend of june the ufb moved in and i was fucked…

…both literally and figuratively. the former i’m a big fan of. the latter isn’t as dramatic as i’m making it sound; see, she lived sixty miles away, so that 120 mile trip two or three times a week killed off a lot of time, a lot of gas, and a lot of itunes tracks…but once she moved in that took a lot of drive time out of my world. that’s a good thing, but not great for draining out “da list”…that’s why my summer time goal took till october third. but now, i can listen to what i want and finally update with the summer purchases.

shit, i’m gonna go fire it up right now!

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