being domestic and shit has its advantages

when most of us think of jack daniel’s single barrel, their top end hooch (save for the one offs like the sinatra line) we think of this:

jack bar s

it typically runs $45-50 per bottle, and is pretty damn smooth. i don’t mix it, i just pour it over ice. but if you go to sam’s club, the bulk-buying costco competitor from the family that brought you wal-mart, you can now buy jack single barrel in bulk as well – and i don’t mean by the case; i mean:

jack bar xl

that’s right – you can buy it by the fucking barrel! i had no idea getting all domesticated and shit (we got the sam’s membership to get the ufb’s kid a bed and honestly haven’t used it since) could be so fun! hey, the wedding approaches…a few of y’all wanna go in on this and make the reception one to remember, although with this we probably won’t?!?

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