just ’cause you got a page don’t mean you read the shit

so, apparently i wasn’t the only one unaware of some travel info…

…but i wish i was?

recently i was tagged in a facebook post by my betrothed talking about how the “sweet spot” for getting the best price on airline tickets was at 1am on a wednesday. according to the article if that time didn’t work for you, the main key was to buy at times when most normal folk would be asleep and you could get deals, with them even quoting some insane discount a guy got buy purchasing the tickets he’d looked at on wednesday afternoon (almost six bills) at 3am on a thursday (when they were under three hundred!).

“glad i hadn’t bought the NOLA tickets”, i thought to myself…since due to car issues all eBay moneys had been spent so i’m forced to wait till i get paid on the twenty-fifth.

so i looked at tickets the other night when the apocalyptic storm of the year of the week woke me up…it was 4:44 am on thursday – and our NOLA tickets ran $522.40…but when i’d looked on wednesday afternoon after i’d been tagged on that post? well, they’d been a whopping…wait for it…$522.40. and later thursday night when i price checked again? well, holy hell – they were now…$522.40.

i guess southwest airlines has a facebook page but doesn’t bother to read the articles? don’t they know they’re supposed to discount for insomniacs so they can lose sleep in unfamiliar locales?

(checks price again)

well, apparently so – as of this writing (around 10:30am on friday) the price has now jumped to $584.40!

so, i guess now i should hope i can get my $522.40 again in the wee hours after i get paid soon?

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