hello kid (e)?

so, the big blockbuster news that i heard from the ufb last week (only for it to circulate everywhere soon there after)?

…hello kitty is not a cat.

while this came as a shock to most, the way it came out and the response to it has been, to say the least, odd to me. apparently a woman was doing a museum installation chronicling the character’s trek across the pacific from japan (where it was created) to america (where it sells a metric shit-ton of merch) and while the facts were being reviewed by sanrio (the japanese corporation that created her) they edited one thing that was in the original plan for the display:

“She’s a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat.”

her appearance threw most, but i suppose you can’t judge a book by her cover. as it was pointed out by the company, she walks like a person, sits like a person, and actually OWNS a pet cat. and you can’t BE a cat and OWN a cat – that’s slavery, and from what i’m told that’s wrong…

it amused me that when i put this out there via the facebooks a lot of my friends just responded with “fuck them, she’s a cat, damn it!”.


if they CREATED the damn character i think they can tell you what fucking species it is…after all, it is THEIR creation.

so now the ufb doesn’t have to say she hates cats, except for hello kitty. she can just direct it at all felines…and don’t little things like that make life easier?

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