the great yellow sloth

i started this bit in my head with the opposite of its current intentions…

…but that was an hour ago. and that’s why i had to change directions.

to reveal a bit of the “behind the curtain” action here, this bit is being written just before labor day weekend. labor day bares some significance in my world this year, and not just because of it’s checkered past. no, in this case it is the last day of NON-labor on my days off…september, october, and the first half of november are all about getting the house unpacked, settled in, and shit-tons going via eBay and craigslist to pay for the wedding and honeymoon in NOLA. so there’s a lot to do on my days/times off…

…and that’s why it’s good that, by the time you read this, the “yellow sloth” is behind us. not that it won’t be missed in some ways.

the “yellow…” i’m talking about was the fxx network (a division of fox, obviously) doing a twelve day non-stop, 24/7 marathon of the simpsons. “every simpsons EVER” it was labeled, and appropriately so. the commercials leading up to this epic event showed people’s lives grinding to a halt and society collapsing as a result of all the productivity lost while people sat, mind-drainingly in front of the their screens.

and as the last hour has disappeared i get it.

my original planned bit hear was going to force me to make and “MTV” style “STV” graphic for “simpsons television”, a network i was going to propose that just ran nothing but simpsons shit ALL the time…but now i’m thinking that would be a bad…

…so just ONE more episode and i’m getting to work on the house.

fuck me, i’m glad the marathon will be over by the time i’ve told myself i HAVE to be productive!

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