is this the real magic number?

well, it IS used by our lord and master, satan, three times in his number…

…i wonder how many readers even clicked “read more” after they saw that shit?

of course, i’m talking about the number “six”. we do a sunday sixer here. everything comes in six, from beer to soda to the teeth in my mouth that are still good and the days i (apparently) will go without car a/c.

it’s a magical number. just ask our buddy:

coop devil

and that’s where i figure the gun collection will stop. have the pistol grip mossberg for home defense, and the h&k for my personal. add some tiny pocket-sized thing (probably ruger) for work and a couple subs for fun and we hit five. but i KNOW me so i’ll give myself one more allowed just to play it safe…

…but maybe not?

i’m far from a gun nut, or even an “enthusiast”. but i’m getting licensed, might as well be able to use it, right? all that being said, this new georgia bill is pretty fucked up.

there’s been two gunly bills out there that have made news – the georgia one, which allows people to carry in places it used to not be cool: churches, bars, schools, and more parts of the airport. i was originally against this one, but a valid point was made: this bill only effects people with permits, who have passed background checks, and bar owners and clergy can choose whether or not to allow people to carry like texas allows any business owner to do with a simple sign.

criminals, of course, will still continue to carry anywhere. but now permit holders aren’t caught with their guns in their trunks if some shit breaks off. i’m starting to see the good here, although the bar thing i bet has a LOT of owners posting signs – if not now, then after their first “incident”.

meanwhile indiana tested the broad spectrum of journalistic angles with their new bill. all it does is amend the “castle doctrine” in the state that says that if anybody, police included, attempt to enter your residence you are allowed to use “reasonable force” to disallow them entry into your home, and that if you feel your life is in danger (i.e. a cop is kicking your door in, gun in hand, with no warrant) you can shoot them and claim self-defense.

seems legit to me.

while a lot of media outlets have had a lot of fun with creative “cop-killer bill” headlines it’s nothing like that. it all stems from an incident where police came out to a domestic disturbance call and while arguing through the door announced they were coming in. the husband said “no”. they started to come in, and he tried to shove them out the door as they were, technically, entering his house illegally. now before you jump on the “save the woman” aspect (as i did as i read the first article of many i read on this) keep in mind she was not being held in there – she could have walked out to safety without issue. the guy simply didn’t want the cops in his home. hell, i wouldn’t either. but he shoved them and was arrested not for domestic violence, but for assault on an officer. he appealed and the courts found the cops could basically barge in wherever they wanted, even though in the decision the admitted this was going against hundreds year old common law.

the appeal was overturned by this bill. it does NOT give people open “cop season”. it simply allows you to defend your home against anybody, and i’m sorry – but if you bust into my house and it’s unwarranted in all senses of the word you won’t leave here alive.

i live here. budnik lives here.

and soon the ufc and her kid (and puck) will live here. and i’ll take their lives over somebody who’s forcing their way in here any day or night; i don’t care what pension plan is paying out to your kids.

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