well, that was some bullshit

playing with my money is like playing with my emotions – “big worm” friday (1995)

and that’s just what the feds did this morning. now it’s war. fuck them.

i’ll be calling by the end of the day to see what the fuck is going on. the app says if i don’t get a letter via snail mail in two weeks to call but mother fuck them – i did this by their rules and got fucked. hard. lubeless. now we play by MY fucking rules.

needless to say i’m kinda pissed as i type this…

…let’s look at the history:

i hadn’t filed taxes in a while because on paper i had no income. i did some projects here and there, but never had a proper “job” until 2013. i had some unemployment i owed some back taxes on, but it wasn’t that much – just a few hundred dollars. to be honest, i figured when i filed they’d take about five or six hundred off the top and i’d get the rest.

i’d been through this before.

one of my previous jobs, with a company ironically owned by a CPA, had caused some tax hiccups for me. they’d report something different at the end of the year than my stubs had said, and when all was said and done i owed a bit. this was evident because i went to h&r block to do my taxes first year with dell and was told i was getting a refund of $3,500 only for them to hand me a check the next day for $2,800 and a note from the feds saying “you owed us $700 in back taxes, so we just took it from here”.

made sense. but it was THAT fucking quick.

so when i filed via turbotax this year on february 2nd, and it said i would get my refund by february 22nd i figured something like that might happen in a day or two…but february 22nd came and went with nada. early in march i got a letter dated february 25th stating that they had to verify my place of employment, salary, deductions, and withholdings (i.e. EVERYTHING) and if i didn’t hear back within sixty days of the date on the letter (april 25th) to contact them.

so, i patiently waited.

i had downloaded the “irs to go” app and you can check your refund status from there, so i figured i’d just do that…and it NEVER changed. it spit the same thing out so many times i would, once a week, put in the WRONG info just to see if all it did was spit out that screen (it caught it and made me correct it every time, only to still spit out the “still being processed” screen).

and so i kept patiently waiting.

april 25th fell on a friday and i hate being “that guy” who calls and gives people shit on a friday, so i decided to wait till monday when they’d be in a bad mood anyway, and i’m usually in a good mood ’cause it’s technically my friday.

but they beat me to the punch.

the sunday BEFORE i was gonna call (april 27th) i saw the first change i’d ever seen on the app – that my refund was now APPROVED and would be in my bank by may first (today) and that if it wasn’t in six days contact my bank and ask where my money was…

…and “here we go again”, i figured.

so i can’t say i was too surprised when i checked my chase app today any my balance hadn’t gone up yet – but i WAS surprised when i checked the irs app to see another change:


they took it ALL?!?!? and i don’t owe child support (i don’t have a kid) and texas doesn’t have state income taxes. so i don’t know what the fuck – but i means to find the fuck out! if this is how it goes now i’ll just stop filing…i’m owed a refund every year, and i they’re just going to keep it i won’t bother filing – let them figure out what they owe me and just keep it.

fuck them.

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