two’s company?

so, i made a decision a week ago but i’m starting to second guess myself…

…the original plan? to move the whore.

it got it’s name courtesy of kramer, who in his singledom didn’t have time/energy/effort to run a second site that would “whore” off his readership and hosting plan, but wasn’t his commercial “” site, hence “”, a name that i wanted to change when the domain came up for renewal, but at the time i averaged 500 hits a day and it seemed like i would take a big step backward if i did so…

…but now, at more like 1,700 hits a day i’m just tired of explaining the back story to everybody who wants to know what my web address is.

but i don’t know if i’ll ever let the url go.

at this point it’s just engrained in my verbal lexicon to call what i write, regardless of where it’ll get posted, a “whore bit”. it will always be “a whore bit”. and i don’t know if i can re-wire my brain to call it anything different.

the original plan was for me to transfer ownership of the whore url from one company to another and strike off with it hosted independently on kramer’s server and we just go from there. my modified version of the plan was to do the transfer, but buy another url “that was more ‘me’ in title” and simply use the whore as a re-direct to the new site. kind of like when you buy some shit online and put paypal as your payment so when you click “purchase” it just sends you to paypal so they can get their dough. you’d type “” in your browser, but when you hit the site it automatically re-directed you to the new site, entitled (are you ready?):

i got the idea when a facebook friend in west texas posted some fucked up shit and tagged it with “#dafuk”. i thought it was brilliant. in this day and age of acronyms and condensed verbalization (nahmean?) it made perfect sense. but “dafuk” was already a porn directory, and my second version, “dafuq” was parked with an asking price of over two large if you wanted to buy it off them.

so “” became mine.

who daphuck?
what daphuck?
how daphuck?

i’ve wanted something like this for a while (if you look at the top of your screen you’ll notice the unofficial title of the page is “wtf sean?” so this just seemed natural) so we might re-direct or maybe i’ll try my hand at doing two sites? if i do one (probably the whore) will remain every other day, while one will be weekly or so. or we might just keep content going on both. i figured since we had that horrible theme hiccup and i was gonna have to do new a new batch of header graphics it made sense to just do ’em up with new titles and shit. so, we’re still kind of in the planning stages…but “” will be a thing launching this summer…

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