wu-tang cash ain’t nothing to fuck wit

you know what’s better than selling millions of records and getting a few bucks profit off each one?

selling ONE record for several million dollars!!!

or, at least, so thinks the wu-tang clan.

that’s some bullshit.

but yes, that is their plan. it’s locked in a vault right now, in a special hand-made silver case:


and it’s the new double album from the wu-tang clan…the ONE copy that was pressed after being recorded in “secret” sessions…

…why do i feel that if the feds hadn’t ganked limewire i’d already have this bumping in the beamer?

the plan is for it to be auctioned off, and then the owner has all the rights. a label could buy it and release it for profit. a rich motherfucker could buy it and release it for free. or some major player hip-hop-head could buy it and just bogart that shit for himself.

time will tell.

for all those jonesing for some new wu shit, another (totally different) album drops this summer…but if your lotto ticket comes in and you want to drop it on something stupid, now you know how stupid you can be!

and if you have that kind of cash just laying around and read my shit? how ’bout fronting a nigga an early wedding envelope?

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