so now this is a thing?

there are moments i am SO glad i don’t use my degree…

…and this is one of them.

i saw a tv preview the other day that used a term i had never heard. now don’t get me wrong – i graduated college in 1995 – that’s sixteen years ago. i don’t expect to be all up on the current lingo and jargon and shit. i SHOULD be a bit behind as i’m in my early forties AND i haven’t done jack shit with my degree save for writing the atomic radio commercial script in almost fifteen years. but i still didn’t see this term coming…

“scripted series”

there was a spot, for an upcoming debut episode of a show, that referred to it as the “number one summer scripted series”.

that’s a LOT of qualifications to make the number one slot.

there’s a bbq restaurant here in lockhart (the bbq capital of texas) that refers to itself as the “oldest bbq restaurant in texas consistently owned by the same family”. why the long title? because while they started in 1932, kreuz market started in 1899 – but there was a point where there was no male heir, so it was passed to a son-in-law and passed from the kreuz to the schmitt family, which is why it technically changed families and therefore black’s can make the claim they currently do…

…i add “currently” because one of my old skater buddies, eric lenderman, who is just the STEPson of one of the black guys (hehehe) seems the heir apparent which would mean, technically, it changes families.

time for some new billboards!

“number one series” is a big thing.

“number one summer series” is still kind of a thing.

but “number one summer scripted series” – fucking seriously?

like the whole “summer…” thing isn’t enough; but now reality tv has become so prevalent that they feel they need to differentiate that it’s a “SCRIPTED series”. in another words, there’s a SCRIPT as compared to all the “reality” tv out there?

guess what, buckos – that’s even MORE scripted. welcome to the REAL reality…

but i guess that’s what we have now – “normal” tv as i think of it is now “scripted” as compared to all the “reality” out there…

…and they wonder what’s wrong with this generation.

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