six layers of friendship

a buddy of mine’s birthday is today…

….a super gifted tattoo artist who specializes in black and gray realism and portraiture. he’s gonna do my folks on me this summer, and if i can get my grandparents pics i want we’ll probably do those as calf pieces. you should check out his work.

(and between that paragraph pimping his shit and here i just shot him a text)

i’ve found there’s six layers of friendship in this modern age. typically it can be measured by how you wish them a happy birthday. here’s my evaluation:

social media, tier two – this is the lowest layer, usually for “friends” (in quotes ’cause they’re on your facebook, or you follow them on twitter or instagram or some shit) – lowest of low. you just “like” somebody else’s happy birthday wish or a pic from the festivities. let’s face it, you really don’t care.

social media, tier one – this is more how most people use it – you post something on their wall, be it a wish (lower on the scale), or an e-card (a bit higher) or maybe even a pic from the festivities the night before…but that’s all they get. i like the pic – it’s like saying, “remember when we grabbed that drink last night ’cause your birthday was today? yeah, that’ll do it…”

email – so we’re still in the electronic realm, but it shows you know how to get ahold of them directly. maybe you jot a quick note (hey, you still have that stripper in el paso’s number?) or pick out some super inappropriate e-card that you wouldn’t want to post on their wall lest their spouse or parents think less of you.

text – now, nate got this today because he’s down in houston with his girl’s folks and i don’t wanna interrupt family time. because i just texted him, when his girl’s birthday hits on tuesday i can’t text her, lest i put her on the same level as my boy.

holler at ’em – as in the phone call. my dad doesn’t feel we’re at this level on MY birthday, but i feel we are on his. funny how that shit works.

in person – i think the ufc and her kid are the only ones that get this at this point, save for a co-worker or two who’s birthday just HAPPENS to fall on a weekend day we work together. hey, so goes the world at this point, you know?

i guess that’s how adulthood goes…

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