getting in touch with my metal (and mexican) roots!

i have to admit, that was just a LOT of fun…

…and i can’t believe i’d never heard of them!

they started in east l.a., and they combined two great tastes that taste great together – heavy metal music and, the group we associate as fans of said genre in my area of the country more than almost anybody else, mexicans…

…and you get…METALACHI!

a mariachi band that does 99% heavy metal covers:

i put this up because from what i see it’s really the only “official” music video – when i saw them they didn’t do ozzy or maiden, and i just figured some things were just too sacred for them. but extreme? europe? dio? slayer? pantera? van halen? yeah, THOSE weren’t too sacred – and they sound pretty fucking awesome as mariachi songs!

who’da thunk it?

they had two openers, but the only one i caught was “pinata protest”, which is tejano-themed punk rock (yes, complete with accordion solos) done by some seriously cool guys from SA. will they get to play my wedding? time will tell…

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