and the quest is complete

every now and then fate shoves its fat finger in your face and screams “LOOK!”…

…so ended my mower saga.

it started at the tail end of last summer when i blew a hole out the side of the mower motor when it through a rod.

that wasn’t good.

i made it by borrowing mowers from neighbors and JAB. but i hate doing that shit. so i finally went out foraging for my own, and it didn’t go well. first i started at the pawn shop where so many of my weapons come from. one was two pricey, the other siezed up as i tested it. there other location had one that looked new, but they couldn’t get it to start. i found a couple at a place run by folks of questionable citizenship but the engine sounded like it had a bit of a hiccup – could be just the plug, could be what happened with the engine blowing itself a new ass…


…i wasn’t in the mood to gamble.

so i tried the pawn shop in lockhart. several mowers looked promising, but none would start up. the one that did came home with me for eighty bucks, tax and all.

not bad…until i used it.

yeah, that one sucked. took three tanks of gas to do the front yard (typically takes one) and died more times that i could count. needless to say i was taking advantage of that “thirty day, no questions asked, return policy” in a few hours…fuck, at least the front yard got done first.

after that one i was SUPER wary of the questionable citizenship folk so i called the pawn shop and agreed to pay the one fifty while en route to the ufc’s place for dinner. they agreed to hold it for me.

just for shits and giggles, while food was in the oven, i looked on craigslist – and two entries down was a mower that, when i put in the address in gps, measured out in YARDS not miles, from the apartment. like when i backed out of the parking spaces in her car it literally measured the distance on the gps in yards. i could have walked there faster, but hole thirteen of the golf course was in the way. anywho, i now have a honda powered craftsman mower for about what i was gonna be charged at the shack out by the airport, and about forty bucks LESS than i was gonna pay at the pawn shop.

not bad.

and budnik can now run the length of the yard, which makes him a happy pup…

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