monday mistake bit

so, i recently bought an led kit for the ufc’s hhr…

…i didn’t mean for that sentence to almost contain more letters than words.

but anywho, we bought a kit so her dome lights light up red. her kid loves red, plus the vehicle IS red, so it matches out kinda nicely. when we first put them in they didn’t light up, but upon switching them 180 degrees they did. it turns out that led lights have polarity (i.e. they have a positive and a negative) and so if they’re put in and DON’T work, you just flip-flop ’em and they should.

so i was psyched when i saw the ones for a white led kit for bmw noted they were “NO polarity” and “never have to flip flop bulbs to make them work”. then you look at the description…


i guess they don’t read their own shit?

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