“be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!”, my Mom always used to say…

…and while i know she didn’t write the line, in this case i think she might be right.

i got excited when i saw that sasha barron cohen was resurrecting the ali g franchise that spawned the award-winning borat movie and the utterly forgetable bruno in the u.s., both of which i own, the latter of which i only paid four dollars for and STILL feel like i got fucked, as well as ali g in da house, released in the u.k.. it started as a bbc show, then hit it semi-big stateside on hbo.

then it was gone.

well now it’s back on fxx with “ali g rezurection”, the most correctly named show on the network.

and why do i say that?

because it appears that’s exactly what it is – not just rezurecting the characters (yes, spell check, i did that on purpose due to the name of the show being spelled that way) but the actual footage – all the show consists of is previously filmed and released bits off hbo and bbc with new intros; but the film quality (pre-hd) and outfits and what-not show it’s literally all rezurected shit…and this is being criticized by the guy that’s had a book in the works for years titled “contains 95% recycled material” to poke fun of the green set while releasing a book that’s all just shit off this site tied together.

well, at the very least, i can rezurect the costume from a few halloweens ago…

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