cold cash for uncool vinyl

i don’t remember what the fuck i was searching for on eBay…

…but i stumbled across the self-titled alice in chains lp.

and yes, i meant “lp” not “cd”.

it was nicknamed the “three-legged-dog album” due to its cover art, and while it yielded a single or two it was by no means a masterpiece. or even close. but it was what it was, and i was shocked that the lp i was looking at, which was in pretty good but by no means excellent shape, was going for almost fifty bucks!

i own it. or should i say “OWNED” it.

after seeing this, i waited until the auction was nearing the end, and people were being outbid, and threw mine out there. had a guy emailing me within the hour and i ended up selling it to him for eighty bucks (the other one i had seen went for just under ninety). i learned my lesson on that one…

while i have a lot of records i dearly treasure and would never wanna let go of, i also have a fair share i could easily do without. most of these are essentially worthless which is okay ’cause i paid next to nothing for them, and when i get the studio up and running again could make for some good beat samples. but a few of them apparently are worth some coin, so i’ve decided to let them go all with a starting price of $49.99.

take “no code” for example.

i loved the first three pearl jam albums. the first one, that kick started it all and had their biggest hits on it, was actually not put out on vinyl when it first came out due to it being a new band and vinyl being much pricier than cds to make. but after they hit big with that one, it was released on vinyl a couple years later, and in fact their next few releases were released a few weeks earlier on lp than cd, including “vitalogy” which included the lead circle “spin the black circle”, a tribute to vinyl over cd.

and that will conclude my record store geek out info for the day.

but the fourth one, “no code”, while awesome in packaging (each copy came with nine 12″x12″ prints that looked like the polaroids on the cover) fell flat to me, but i had still bought it because it came out ahead of the cd – but only a couple days ahead of the store copy of the cd, so i got to listen to it before i dropped the needle on my record and found out…well…it pretty much sucked.

hell, even jordan missed a free throw or two.

but in the crate it had sat, gathering dust, just like that eighty dollar three legged dog.

so when i saw one go for just over a bill this week, i struck and put mine up. as of me typing this (just under two days left in the auction) it’s up to $112.50 with over fifty people watching it. but as i’ve always said, watchers don’t matter. bidders don’t matter. paying customers matter. so as long as whoever wins pays up within the forty-eight hours i require, all is well. hopefully i make enough to cover what this is supposed to pay for – my c.h.l.

i guess time will tell…

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