that was a freaky-ass sunday

i hate the fucking time change…

…and yesterday i hated it even more.

i still can’t figure out how i lost an hour.

don’t get me wrong – i know how daylight savings time works. i know where THAT hour went. i set clocks and watches forward. but somehow something went…well…wrong.

kinda freaky.

i got home about 12:30 sunday morning, and as i like budnik to get a full hour with me after a long day at the minimum, i stayed up till 1:30 with him, and by the time i got all ready for bed and crawled in i went ahead and stayed awake to watch the clock on my phone go from “1:59” to “3:00”.

“coolness”, i thought, and went to sleep.

my alarm is set for 7:42am on weekends. it’s been set that way since i got the phone. why such an odd time? why not 7:45? because i HAVE to be up by eight, and iPhones have a built in snooze time of nine minutes, and you can’t alter it. so eighteen minutes back is slapping snooze twice, hence “7:42am”.

sunday i woke up at more like 7:15 or so. i know it wasn’t REALLY 8:15 because if i’d already slapped snooze on my alarm it woulda gone off every eight minutes…but it didn’t. i hit the head and ended up just laying in bed reading until the alarm went off and then, because i was mid-article, i slapped snooze…twice. when it went off the next time i turned it off, looked at the time (8:00am) and got out of bed. took care of budnik, grabbed a monster i then left on the counter, and took off. i had set the clock in the car the night before, but i really don’t look at it often. same with the watch i was wearing. i tend to look at the MINUTES not the hour ’cause i generally know, particularly on a rushed-ass weekend morning, what hour it is.

but apparently something had gone wrong with the phone clock.

because when i ran about, stopped for gas, and started the car i DID look at the clock – and it said “10:52″…

…and i was supposed to be at the shop before ten.


still don’t know what happened but next thing i knew i was rushing in and trying to get it all ready. i guess next spring i need to set multiple clocks in my path!

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