eat fresh enchiladas and fritos

“you know you’ve given up on the battle with your waistline when…”

my answer used to be “when you hit taco bell” which was actually, when i worked at the record store, the second to the bottom level – the real bottom level was when you did the two tacos at jack n’ the box for under a buck.

but now, i think we have a new lower tier:


so the company that brags about being all low fat and fresh and healthy is responding to the internet shit storm about how many preservatives their food has in have decided to go 100% preservative and do a chicken enchilada sandwich with fritos. you’ll notice most of their “fresh veggies” that have been found to not be so fresh are omitted in favor of chicken(ish) meat, sauce, cheese, and fritos.

take that jared!

now if they’d only bring back the feast, i’d go back into a subway – haven’t been to one since they pulled in (in 2010, i think) and while i was told they’ll still make it at the location near our burnet shop, i’ve never gone in and tried to force the issue, which i suppose is a bit overdue…


it’s delicious, and comes with a six pack of meats on it – i’d make mine a lucky seven by adding bacon. fuck jared, they used peter griffin from family guy as the spokesperson for this sandwich…’nuff said!

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