eat more chicken my ass!

today, every meal will contain beef…

…every damn one.


because this weekend was my annual cow raping so i figure it’s only fair.

i have a love/hate relationship with my hosting company, fatcow. i love them most of the time, then comes renewal time and all goes to fucking hell. started back in 2008 when i had renewed my check card, so the expiration and such were off so they couldn’t renew. as they didn’t have my email address right in their files, their emails kept bouncing so, figuring i’d skipped out, they knocked the whore offline.

but when i caught this, called and paid, things got worse – turns out we had no backup structure in place on our end, and their backup files got corrupted so with that one move i lost all entries made between february 2002 and january of 2008…some 1,600 bits in all.

i almost just walked away from this site then.

but i was convinced, mainly by kramer and ME to keep going, so i did. and i was able to salvage about 500 of those missing bits (and purposely ditch about another 200 more due them being pretty lame, which happened a lot when i was working at the land of the crooked “e”) so it wasn’t quite as big a loss as it initially appeared…but it still sucked. i was given several months credit of free hosting for the issue and a pretty extreme discount on a three year plan, and there we were.

then came holidays of 2012, when i called and told them i couldn’t pay when it was due (mid-month between paychecks and all) and asked for an extension – “no problem”, i was told, but then when the initial date came they hit me regardless and caused my account to get locked up and several things to bounce, racking up about $300 in banking fees as a result.

after an angry, extensive call i was refunded and all bank charges were paid…by them (fatcow). i got a three month hosting credit, and so as a result the renewal didn’t hit until now, the third week in february. due to work and life and such i totally spaced it until the night before, and so when i couldn’t reach billing via phone (typically the easiest way to do this) i submitted a trouble ticket online, and surprisingly got a response within the hour that it was caught on time, would be pushed till after payday, and all was well…

…so why, given my history, was i surprised at the early sunday am text that stated my bank account was now a hundred bucks in arrears?

and there we sit – i contacted billing today, and without apology “doug from phoenix” told me he was on it and that i’d get a refund, plus bank fee refund, plus six months of free hosting…but so far i don’t see shit. i guess the credit is going into the same phantom account as my tax refund?

and you people wonder why i drink after work…

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