dude, where’s my point?

every now and again i rewatch movies to see if they hit me different…

…take napoleon dynamite for example.

when i first saw it (in the theater) i went out and asked for my two hours back. they could keep my five bucks – but i wouldn’t be happy unless they turned back time and got me my hundred and twenty minutes back.

fast-forward a couple years and i was at home with a shitty weather day and i watched it on hbo a few times and enjoyed it. still do.

the same thing happened (kind of) with the godfather. this is one of those movies people flip their shit over the fact i’ve never seen. i tried to watch it previously, but it was too slow on start up to keep my attention and after about fifteen minutes i bailed and there we were. then they re-ran it on some movie channel that doesn’t censor the movies but DOES put in commercial breaks so those bugged me but i found i was actually enjoying it, so i’ll have to re-visit that one and possibly its sequel.

so i tend to give things a second chance, particularly if they’re universally loved (still won’t watch forest gump) or had some sort of meaningful impact on those close to me. in this case, it was just somebody who WAS close to me, and she thought enough of the movie she actually did her senior project in art school on it…

…that being dude, where’s my car?.

it has all the makings of a good flick – while ashton kutcher has been kind of hit or miss for me cinematicly, seann william scott has done few things i haven’t enjoyed. it’s got some eye candy. it’s got a good stoner plot. but i saw it back when it came out and from the catch phrase that never was (shibby!) to the plot “twists” to…well…everything, really, i thought it sucked.

and re-watching it last week didn’t phase that opinion one bit. not at all. still sucked REALLY badly.

so the point of this movie completely alludes me – fuck it, at least i don’t have to sit through it again…ever.

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