make “selfie” a real word and see what happens?

i used to tell people the difference between my friends on “the inside” and the ones on “the outside” was the ones “inside” let their greed get in the way of their common sense…

…and now we see a sterling example of it, where a florida gentleman trying to be a “thug” or “playa” made stupidity a lifestyle. i’ve always said no website had ruined more people’s lives and relationships and careers quite like facebook – but i guess instagram is now becoming the way to do it.

in epic proportions

as the song “thou shalt always kill” states: “guns, bitches, and bling were never part of the four elements, and never will be”. one-hundred and forty-two felonies later this idiot knows it to be true – and don’t try to follow him, his page has been taken down.

way to be a playa, playa. selfies with guns and stolen bling and shit? you’re just a fucking moron…

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