death by drawers?

so, now that the bmw is running smoothly again, let’s talk about something fun…

…like getting choked out with your own underwear?

yeah, i can’t even make this shit up.

only in oklafuckinhoma – welcome to your new homeland, ME!

(she just moved there)

so, two men are drinking in oklahoma (kinda glad i always drank alone there reading this) and they get in a bit of a tussle…and after punching the old man in the head a few times, the younger guy decided to spike the ball and give him an atomic wedgie, where you pull somebody’s underwear up so far it goes over their head:


i like how they say cause of death was “blunt force trauma” and “asphyxiation” – the latter would be from the elastic from the guy’s tidy whiteys being around his neck, but that “blunt force trauma” thing? that’s straight head punching – and if that’s part of it, i dare say he was dead before the wedgie, but maybe that’s me. i don’t think you punch a guy AGAIN after doing that, do you? that would be kind of fucked up…

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