dead set on selling some real estate

necessity is the mother of invention…

…or so i’ve been told.

and in this case, what is necessitated is money. it’s weird how financial need can get you to part with all kinds of shit. in this case it’s not something i even come close to missing. see, about eighteen years ago Mom died and i got to do shit i’d never had to do, like buy grave plots. i thought i’d buy three (one for me, one for Mom, one for my sister) but teri opted out so i just bought two.

again, that was in 1996.

so now we’re almost two decades later and quite a bit ago i decided i wanted to be cremated – even more recently i decided i wanted my ashes put into a vinyl record so i could live forever in somebody’s record collection. even if that company folds in the interim i still wouldn’t want my remains being planted in lockhart soil…and while there’s a small part of me that hates to abandon Mom in her final resting place, let’s face it – that ain’t Mom. that’s the box Mom came in. so i think it’s time for the land to go to somebody who will actually USE it, ’cause i won’t.

and there’s a profit to be had.

i don’t know how much i paid for that little chunk of soil back in the nineties, but it’s worth five bills at least now, according to the woman that oversees the graveyard. that could help get me right-side up on some bills, assuming i don’t go toy shopping…

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yeah, that might kinda happen…

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