all i want for xmas is my two smooth rides

not that my current ride ain’t smooth…

…but do i really need just one?

okay, so the 1998 malibu (driven 2001 – 2006) is still here. but the engine’s blown (i’m pretty sure) and i’m not in the mood or the place to drop all it would take to test that, so i think i need to sell it as scrap. maybe try to get $500 or something out of it?

and then there’s the camaro, which still (in theory) runs just fine. but it could use some brakes and REALLY needs three of the tires replaced. driven from 2006 – 2010 it was kept around because (in theory) it represented the relationship between me and my dad being solid…it has since proved the opposite, so that will be liquidated to the tune of around $4,000 or so if i can get it (i still owe him two large on it, hence the strained relationship).

the bimmer will stay, of course.

but what if i could add this bad bitch to the fold?


now that’s a fucking hybrid – smooth as a motherfucker in appearance, NINETY-SIX miles to the gallon, and faster zero to sixty than most sports cars on the road today (under 4.5 seconds). take that shit, prius!

or, i could relive my childhood:

big wheel

much cheaper, ZERO gas consumption, and honestly, as i would count it as part of the bike colletion, can you ever have too many bikes? i mean, is (takes stock) seven really enough? isn’t eight supposed to be enough? isn’t that what 1970’s television taught me?

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