the drama of the half-breathe

i’m pretty sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired…

…i don’t know where it came from, but i know i want it gone.

kinda like the rat(s) in the house, but never mind that now. maybe the two are related?

i kinda doubt it – i have had a slight return of the rodent problems of the past…but the half-breathe thing? the allergies kicking my ass? that’s been going on for literally months. i’m not quite sure how long, but i know it was kicking my ass prior to our family beach trip, and that those three day’s at the k-man’s condo seemed to be the only days i haven’t had any issues and breathed clear as a bell; came back and it hit with a vengance and has ever since…although there were heavy as fuck rains while we were gone, causing the roof to partially cave in over my room, and i have a shit-ton more water stains on the ceiling ever since…but as the problem was there PRIOR to that, i don’t think that’s the cause.

re-painting the ceiling will solve that question once and for all, i reckon…but not time to do that before xmas!

so what the fuck? admittedly, this has been the wettest winter (in more than one sense) of my life – but is that really the problem? i have no idea…but i do know my alarm was set for 7:45 and i went to bed a bit before twelve, only to awaken barely after four thanks to a stuffed up nose and the inability to breathe; wonder how long i’ll last today?

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