yep, you read it right

austin, texas has always been known for its “weird” side…

…so you know something is odd when it even throws the locals off:

dry 1

seen this while traveling through town? had yourself a “what the fuck?” moment as a result? you’re not alone – and even with the signage, people still react like they didn’t get to read it.

welcome to austin!

here’s the story – while traveling up IH-35 (the only interstate that connects mexico to canada as i recall) a truck carrying several hundred gallons of reflective yellow paint sprung a leak and bled out hundreds of gallons of said yellow sludge all over the upper deck of northbound interstate. the real problem? it was industrial grade shit (like, what they use to paint the stripes on the highway) and as a result once it’s dried, it’s fucking DRIED. the secondary problem? due to its reflective nature, the shit still looks wet even while dry – so people keep slamming on their brakes to gently roll through what appears to be a lake of wet, bright-as-fuck yellow paint so it doesn’t splatter up on their car (i assume people driving “bright-as-fuck yellow” cars don’t do this). since they haven’t been able to clean up the mess the solution was the sign…but it’s not really helping.

it does give us a talking point, though.

i typically take the lower deck, but the one time i took the upper deck (to research for this bit, honestly) i gotta say it DOES look convincingly wet – but it ain’t.

so if you’re driving through don’t bother to slow down as you approach “lake amarillo” – unless the car in front of you does, of course…then you probably should follow their lead.

dry 2
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