no more bias?

i guess i need to start reading online shit more often…

…’cause shit happens that effects me and i don’t know till it’s too late.

in this case i don’t know if i could have stopped what happened from happening, but at least i coulda felt i tried…

…yep, one of my shows got cancelled.

actually, several of them did – two of the CSI’s and apparently The Cleveland Show need to be wiped off my dvr schedule. no biggie. but this one hurt – it’s “totally biased with w. kamau bell”.

he’s a comedian i was totally unaware of (no pun intended). he’s got a great pedigree (his dad was a government official, his mom a well regarded writer) and his show was just good. it was very biased, and that’s okay – it wasn’t intended to be “journalism” it was intended to be entertaining, and it succeeded. it was a bit more high brow then a lot of what’s out there, and i guess that was maybe it’s downfall.

for a writing staff (most of whom appeared in the segments they wrote at least once a week) he had a simple motto (or so it would seem) – diversity. everybody on his show was gay, jewish, indian, black, or latin…nary a straight, white, male voice amongst them. i believe the theory behind it (and accurately so) is that particular demo was represented…well…everywhere.

and he was right, of course. the problem? it’s a really, really, REALLY big fucking demo…so unless you’re going after it, or the woman demo (oprah, ellen, wendy williams, etc) your ratings will probably suck enough to get you tossed i guess…

…which makes no sense.

it was produced and backed by chris rock. and while it started on second tier (but rising) cable network fx (american horror story? sons of anarchy? they’re killing it!) as a weekly it was upgraded (?) to a daily show on their new spin-off network fxx – but i was watching friday’s on the dvr on sunday (as i always do) and in his monologue he made the comment “let’s do this show like we’ll never do another” or something to that effect…then a guest (jim norton) mentioned it. then it kind of became the theme.

in hindsight this was my most watched show of late – i never miss one, and it’s on daily…all my other “always watches” are weekly things. on the upside, three more hours a week i can clean the house or whatever…on the downside, no more “no more mister nice gay” (an actual segment with an XXL bald white gay writer going off on stuff).

just kind of sucks. i gotta say – of all the cancellations, this one sucks the most for me…and for crying out loud, it’s “fxx” – they’ve just filled the spot with parks and recreation reruns – was it really THAT expensive to keep on? i rented grownups 2 for a family movie night – can’t chris rock kick in a bit to keep this afloat?

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