fuck you seth, not cool!

so, as most of you know sunday was a bit rough for me…

…and if you don’t and wanna know why, you can read all about it

so, i make it through work (only getting teary-eyed twice, once when i put her up on facebook, and as i put together the bit i linked to above) and head home. here in central texas (which apparently is now seattle) it was raining like hell (this is the wettest winter EVER and has destroyed my bedroom ceiling thanks to a roof leak) and forty-something degrees. here in texas, that brings two words to mind:

frito pie

so i swung by the store, got chili, chips, cheese, and a six pack and headed home. made my dinner, loved on budnik, through a cold one in a koozie, and thought to myself, “hot frito pie, cold booze, budnik, and the dvr…this will be an okay wrap to an otherwise shitty day…”

i watch the simpsons, and then decide to wrap up with family guy and they pick THAT day to kill the fucking dog…

…fucking seriously?

i’m not trying to be one of those fanboys that’s all up in arms ’cause you killed off a character he liked. yeah, i enjoyed him, as i do everybody on the show, but i could give two shits. it’s kind of like they’ve apparently cancelled the cleveland show (which wasn’t have bad) but never brought him back to family guy. kinda sucks, not the end of the world. my complaint was with the timing, and while i know that seth mcfarlane and the fox brass have no way of knowing who the fuck i am, who miss copper was, or that she died that very morning but this country doesn’t run on rational thought and logic – it runs on scapegoating and finger-pointing and in THAT grand tradition we got the title for today’s bit.

so fuck you seth mcfarlane and fox execs, that was not fucking cool.

there…now i feel a little better. happy fucking turkey day. in my house we celebrate with a different kind of turkey:

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