mary jane in the box

in college, and for a few years after, me & jack were friends…

…and i’m not talking about jack daniels, ’cause he and i are STILL friends.

no, i’m talking about jack in the box. at the record store they were the just before payday meal. after you ate well, then came kinda well, then came taco bell, then came subway (the only reason subway was cheaper than taco bell was because we were right next door so they tended to get loose with their “free sandwich stamps” and then came jack in the box, with two tacos for a buck.

all fried – some kind of unidentifiable meat, cheese, and lettuce. soggy and crispy all at once. as shane says, “fuck it – it’ll make a terd”.

and that’s really about all you can give it.

i saw the commercial the other day, and thought i heard right, and the website confirmed it…the classic stoner food stop (open twenty-four hours, breakfast any time, drive through at all locations, and pretty cheap) is finally embracing the core audience it has with it’s new “munchie meal” line:

jack 3

think this isn’t for stoners? hit the button on the screen than says “make it awesomer” and the pic changes to this:

jack 2

(or one of several other backgrounds like stars or howling wolves at the moon or what have you)

every meal is covered in cheese and fatty goodness, and all come with a drink, two tacos, and an order of “halfsies” which appear to be half curly fries and half regular fries. all meals are ONLY available after 9pm.

yeah, i think my opinion is looking more factual by the minute, huh?

fuck it – i think i’m gonna have to try one or two of these…

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  • UFC Oct 5, 2013 @ 20:26

    Count me in on that drive through experience!!!!!

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