when will hollywood leave well enough along?

i don’t know which irritates me more…

…when hollywood feels the need to recycle whole movies and make new versions (judge dredd, total recall, carrie, nightmare on elm street, and any number of the insane texas chainsaw massacre versions) or when they wait a little TOO long for a sequel.

seriously? are they just ass-out of ideas completely? have we reached the point in cinematic evolution where it’s all been done? it appears so.

i don’t know which qualifies for longest delay – die hard or house party? main difference being nobody knew there WAS a new house party…die hard at least gets trailers.

(via IMDB – turns out there WAS a fourth house party even after class act, which most of us considered the fourth since it had kid n’ play…that was in 2001 and went straight to video seven years after house party iii, and this latest one was TWELVE years later in 2013…only eight years between volumes three and four on the die hard series, with no straight to video releases which with those kind of budgets i would hope not!)

while the die hard crap was actually pretty good, this latest house party was just HORRIBLE. talk about tainting the franchise! the official fourth one didn’t have kid ‘n play, and this one did (barely) and still sucked pretty bad. it’s out on video now, and at redbox. pretend it’s not even there. do yourself a favor. i know i wish i had – i paid $1.30 for it and feel like i paid a dollar too much…

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