what time is it? no, seriously…what time is it?

i think i fucked up…

…my brokeness has gotten the better of me.

(yes, senor spell check, i know “brokeness” isn’t a real word)

it’s trying to auto-correct me to put “brokeness” but i’m “broke” not “broken” – world of difference.

moving on…

…i’ve been selling stuff on eBay, as a build up to put more shit on craigslist (why do i have to build up to that? there’s no fees, the cash comes instantly, and i had pretty good luck this last time around) as well as digging out some shit to just sell directly to re-sale places (total for that to date over the last couple years is a couple grand so, again, why do i keep hesitating? i guess that’s the hoarder gene from mom’s side of the family kicking in…).

one thing was the wall clock out of my bedroom.

it was kinda plain, a promotional item from a watch company i dig that i got for free when we bought a bunch of their shit off a skate shop that couldn’t move it. then i got a second one for the office when my boss’ wife hated it in the lobby so i traded for an ed hardy clock i’d gotten on clearance from ross for under ten bucks.

sold for $55 on eBay.

but then a canadian who didn’t get to bid hit me up asking if i had a second and promising sixty plus shipping if i’d just sell him the other, which we did off eBay so i didn’t pick up any extra fees. i did, however, forget about the exchange rate BUT i still did okay with the two sales, considering i invested ten bucks to get it all started.

but now, in my room, when copper wakes me up in the middle of the night i have no idea what time it is. same for when i sit in the office and write this shit. sure, i’m looking for some cool clocks to replace them, but in the interim this kinda sucks…and it’ll be a while ’cause, sadly, the “clock money” has to go somewhere OTHER than clocks right now.

talk about your white people problems…

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