we’re gettin’ matching leprechaun tattoos…just not today!

“but i don’t wanna wait for a gun – i’m angry right now!” – homer simpson

i’m old enough to where i can remember getting my first handgun pretty much instantly, but then having to wait a week for the next couple. now we’re back to immediate – and lest i sound like some kind of gun nut, i only own two…for i firmly believe a shotgun for the house and a pistol for your person is all you really need…

…maybe that’s just me.

and while you can get a gun instantly, you gotta wait for some other shit. at least in washington dc.

apparently washington dc was, surprisingly, the last great bastion of outlaw tattooing – in the sense that it wasn’t even regulated until recently. and, as per usual, they’ve gone from NO regulation to OVER regulation with the latest wave of ideas…they now want to institute a twenty-four hour wait on a tattoo.

i don’t know if i agree or disagree.

shane and i have had various methods for measuring the time between when you conceive of a tattoo idea and when you execute it, most of which would benefit from having an extra day thrown in. and lord knows it might help some of those ill-fated boyfriend/girlfriend name tattoos. but does the government really need to step in and regulate yet something they have no business putting their fat, corrupt little fingers in?

i don’t think so.

plus, it’ll kill convention and cover-up business! if you have to think, you won’t make mistakes, and then we can’t charge a bit extra to cover them up…we can’t have that shit!

so, hopefully this never goes through – right now it’s still in the “proposal” stage…and the last thing we need is for this to go legit and other places decide it’s a good idea.

note: instead of doing they typical “never forget” or “these colors don’t run” bit today i decided to go with the “defend our freedom angle”, in case y’all thought i forgot the date or something…

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