okay kids, roll ’em up!

i like getting lost when i travel to new places, ’cause you see lots of local color…

…or local “coloreds”, as they’d be called back in the day.

don’t like to see the sides of town i (and kramer) like to explore? as with all in this world, there’s an app for that!


(okay, so it’s not an app, it’s a site – but there ya go!)

i read an online review of this site that pointed out that it’s pretty flawed, because (for example) the greenwich village section of new york, which is very high brow, is labeled “ghetto” on the site. personally, i think it was done on purpose…

…and i plan to do the same.

i will be going in and labeling my neighborhood where i live, and some of the areas of town i like to frequent, extremely dangerous. like “your lily-white-ass-will-get-shot-more-than-once” dangerous.


no more tourists in my way when i want a drink or meal or whatever!

plus, it will keep them from moving into my neighborhood. for a while there the house in back AND in front of me was empty. no late night backyard parties. no kids bicycling through my grass (befriending the little bastards actually cured that last one). plus, to be honest, if you’re white enough that you would go to a site like this to determine where to go i’d rather not have you around me…

…and i can’t help but wonder if the greenwich folk did the same.

tired of a two hour wait at your favorite watering hole just ’cause it’s labor day? ghettofy it today!

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  • Shane Sep 7, 2013 @ 20:24

    I could have used this site when I first moved to Atlanta. The first weekend there I asked a co-worker where the best place to party was, and was told Buckhead. So off I went. I didn’t see any signs for Buckhead, just some for Peachtree (BTW, there are about a 1000 fucking Peachtree variations in Atlanta, so real fucking helpful, right?) But I did see one for Bankhead, and thought I had got the name wrong. Anyone who has ever lived in Atlanta can tell you there is a fucking world of difference between the two.

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