sean is gone

that’s what my co-workers will see to start texts tomorrow…

…it will come from an auto-reply. iphones don’t do auto-reply, i don’t think…

(kramer? do they?)

but i have one saved in my notepad so i can send it out. i only put this out here ’cause none of my co-workers ever read this site. they know about it. they just don’t read it. time to use that to my advantage, i reckon.

normally i’d have been off yesterday and the day before, but instead i’m off today and monday this week. why? i’m not sure. monday made sense – did it so me, the ufc, and her kiddo could hang out with JAB and his family for labor day. after my lame-ass car issues on memorial day (also spent with the ufc and her kiddo, but as the car was dead that weekend a dark cloud was kinda over me) it was nice to wrap the summer up on a positive note with the same people i started it with (JAB helped me with the car and his wife loaned me her truck to get to work).

i’d like to briefly insert that if i ever need a “marker” i’d like the title of today’s bit to be my epitaph. moving on…

i think i’m destined for politics. my dad’s said it for years – before i ever entered kindergarten i knew how to say (and spell) the word “filibuster”. why? because i talked so much even as a young ‘un they figured i could break the record on that shit. don’t know if i ever will, but it’s good to have goals.

i say i’m destined for politics ’cause i tend to have a four year gestation on career moves. radio lasted less (unfortunately), but then came sundance (four years) followed by star tickets (three and a half years then not by choice) then dell (five years and some change, but the last year i was fucking miserable) and now i find myself feeling a bit burned out at work lately having just hit the four year mark on the first of august.

don’t get me wrong – i love my job. but it seems new responsibilities and new crap is added to me weekly, but the pay isn’t going up (and is guaranteed not to until january 2014 at the earliest). once the ufc and i do the cohabitation thing all will be well. but until then? i’m stretched thinner than ever (metaphorically – the weight ain’t coming off like i’d like it to).

but the “four year itch” persists – not to the point where i’m looking for other work…just to the point that i can see myself getting bitchier a lot more often and griping about things. “a fat woman walked into the shoe store today” syndrome, i call it, for all who catch the reference.

hopefully it will pass.

a weekend with the ufc at kramer’s beach place at the end of the month should help, provided all the finances are lined up enough to minimize stress – i suppose time will tell.

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