saturday morning tv

let’s switch some channels here…

…two bits, not enough to be their own individual entries, both tv related, thrown together a little like this:

regrets, i’ve had a few… – one of the questions i get a lot is whether or not i watch “tattoo tv” (i.e. “l.a. ink, etc..”) and i never did until the last season of “best ink” and then only ’cause i had a friend (allie baker) on it, but now i’m hooked on both “inkmaster” (for the most part better quality work then “best ink”) and now “tattoo nightmares” (i love me some cover-ups, and am trying to sort out the mother of all cover-ups on myself) so yeah, between that and my new security camera app i feel like i never leave work…and not in a bad way.

maybe miss copper will start to gain some weight back? – i know it’s not uncommon for us to lose some muscle tone and weight as we enter our golden years, but it seems like cop has really started to lately. i don’t know if it’s good, bad, or indifferent, but i know what helps ME gain weight (even when i don’t wanna) is sitting on my ass watching tv – and now cop can as well with “dog tv”…a channel you’re supposed to leave on so your dogs can watch it. i’m curious to see how this works – in more than one way. sure, there’s the pup entertainment factor; but tv funds itself my advertising…how the fuck do you pitch a product where cop or lil’ dude can get me to go buy it when i don’t take them to the store with me? i smell an epic fail in that regard!

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