inbetween days (not about the song that started my love of the cure)

although, in truth, that is the song that did it…

…which shows my age.

i still remember walking in to camelot records, second floor of barton creek mall (i think it’s now where the “build a bear” store is) and seeing the first poster in their rack was the cure’s “inbetween days” poster and i really dug the dayglo faces…


…so i went to the tape rack and found the tape that had that song on it – to my surprise it was a new release and was on sale for $6.99…in my teenage brain “poster that caught my attention as being really cool” equaled “music that should be really cool” so i didn’t buy the poster (got a sweet version of it years later, though) and bought the tape. to this day still my favorite cure album…

…ah, memories.

no, this was meant because for the second time this week i’m having an “inbetween day”, which is my term for when you can either abandon all projects home-related and head in and get your errand running and what not going earlier than planned, or try and accomplish one of said projects and be running late all day, inevitably having to skip something (usually the gym lately, due to the temperatures reaching the triple digits again)…this happened on tuesday – i wanted to be at our south side shop when it opened, but by the time i got to town i could either get there a half hour before we opened, or hit the gym and be a half hour late…

…i chose the former.

so today, when i was supposed to be taking a c.h.l. class (now pushed off till august) i find myself either doing one of the projects (floors or front lawn) and then running late for everything else i want to do in austin on the way to see the ufc OR i can just jump in the shower right after i type this and be running a bit early…

…given how errands and traffic have been treating me lately, i’m going with the last thing. so away i go!

(damn shame i was supposed to have a bit about the first step towards getting my c.h.l. today and couldn’t, huh? oh well, should be this time next month!)

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