here we gay again…

i did a post on facebook that actually had people saying i needed to run for office…

A note to my conservative friends: I have figured out a way you can lower the number of abortions done in this state AND the amount of protesters in the rotunda at the same time: LEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE IN TEXAS!

Think about it – gay men don’t get (or for that matter, cause) abortions and lesbians tend to only get pregnant when they actually WANT the child…it’s win/win!

admittedly, it was done after the abortion filibuster, and wasn’t really done in humor – i was serious.

but it launched a few discussions that made me start to ponder something…why is it people that go against gays are referred to as “homophobic”? i think that’s the wrong term – a “phobia”, by definition, is a psychological fear. it’s actually viewed by some as a disease. people that, say, don’t like gays or think it’s a sin or a poor lifestyle choice or whatever are hateful and bigoted, not “phobic”. to say those ignorant fools are afflicted is to basically see hitler as “jew-a-phobic” instead of an evil, hateful, asshole…

…and we all know the truth there, right? shit, i hope so.

i also don’t get the verbiage with the whole “i don’t believe in gay marriage” thing. what the fuck does that mean? you don’t believe in it? i get “i don’t believe in god” or “i don’t believe in the tooth fairy”…that makes sense. you’ve never actually SEEN either of those two things with your own eyes. but gay marriage? i mean, that’s basically just a gay couple signing some paperwork if you really wanna split hairs. so which part do you not “believe” in? a gay couple or paperwork? i’ve seen shit tons of both, and i can attest to the reality and legitimacy of both. they both DO exist. doubt me? go to any government office, grab some forms, and go fill them out at whole foods on a saturday – you can experience both all while paying way too much for a very healthy lunch!

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