look at ’em go!

hard to believe this was supposed to go up TWO MONTHS AGO…

but these things happen. presented as it was written:

this weekend i’ll be in okc…

…and if you want, you can speed-scroll like the ufc!

i have to admit, i don’t actually know what my lady does. sad but true. i know it involves health insurance, and databases, and number crunching and auditing. and lots, and lots, and LOTS of scrolling through excel spreadsheets.

well, i don’t have the ability to give you free office products – and bill gates would probably use his “disappear money*” if i did. but you can still scroll away through the expanded archives section because, partially as a safety precaution, i took all the bits i had (over five hundred of them) and put them in the appropriate months. nice, huh? supposedly i have a disc kramer gave me somewhere that has even more old shit, so if it surfaces i’ll get those up there as well.

in the mean time enjoy the old shit while i “enjoy” oklahoma!

(it’s in quotes for a reason – if you’ve been there, you get it)

*disappear money – having so much money that if you really wanted somebody gone, you literally can make them disappear…not only pay to have them killed, but have all record of them erased and with the exception of the memories of friends they’re gone, and you can kill them as well or pay them off. yeah, he’s literally THAT fucking rich at this point.

(okay, so it’s going to be a process – there’s a lot of these fuckers!)

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