fourth of july fish fry

so, here’s what i don’t get…

…catfish, season two just premiered.

fucking seriously?

don’t get me wrong – i loved the first season. i’ve met a few people online, some of which have been slightly deceiving, but photo-cropping is some girls’ best friend…

crop 1

…moving on.

but that aside, after the movie, and a whole hit season on MTV, is there anybody left who can get fooled for sometimes years at a time?

apparently, yeah. first episode was a girl who had proposed to a guy she “met” on facebook and had never video chatted with, but HAD done phone sex with, and this had been going on for two years. really? two years? you wait that long you get what you deserve…not trying to be an asshole, just being real here. so i guess we’ll just see how this shit pans out…

…and if there’s a season three they should call it “catfish are smarter than these idiots!”

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