i fought the tree and the tree DIDN’T win!

i gotta learn to stop procrastinating…


’cause the other day i got up a little late, went and got breakfast, and REALLY needed to clean the house but instead plopped down on the couch to clean some shows off the dvr (note: the verb “clean” is used to make my self feel better for sitting on my ass and watching tv). i had just gotten done, stood up, and said, “okay puppies, dad’s gotta be all responsible and shit!” when i heard a crack-crack-CRASH noise and…


you can’t see it in the pic, but there was a small branch resting in the top of a neighbor’s tree (the owner of the fence you see being bowed out) and i thought cutting said branch would end up alleviating some of the weight off the fence and help it out, but was unaware that said branch was actually holding all this shit up! tried to cut it, but the saw i was using was too small (it should be noted i was up under this fence at the time) and i had to get on the other side of it to slice it through all the way only to watch the heavy-ass trunk AND the fence fall where i had been standing mere moments before!

add to that the few dozen ant bites from putting my foot on the base of the stump when i was carving it up and the multiple bruises and gashes from another large part of it trying to fight with me and this was easily the most physically taxing tree take down i’ve done…and as of this writing, it ain’t done yet – still needs to be carved up and dragged to the curb.

but for all my cuts, scrapes, and bruises, i’m still in one piece – and the three is in about seventy, so i’d say i won this war!