pick a month, damn it!!

i thought paperwork with the state of texas had to be all precise and shit…

…isn’t that what pretty much all state governments are known for?

i mean, i thought being an asshole with paperwork and deadlines and specifics was kind of a state job requirement. hell, i figured maybe that was the reason they didn’t take me after dozens of applications for various positions whilst i was unemployed and such.

but apparently not the case – at least not when it comes to vehicle registration.

when i got the bmw last labor day i had to wait a bit for the plates, and they came in just before i headed off to NOLA for halloween, and the registration expired the following october – which made sense, ’cause even though i bought the car in september they didn’t get me the plates till october so i figured that was just a lag in state paperwork processing and such…

…’cause, yeah – that never happens.

but then i got the “SEAN M” plates in june as my self-imposed birthday present. and had to pay an extra buck to get a new registration sticker as your plate number is on your sticker…and all of a sudden it dropped from expiring “10-12” to expiring “9-12”. when i protested they told me the state computer said it expired in september. when i took a picture SHOWING THEM it expired in october by the sticker they just shrugged, said “weird…” followed closely by “NEXT IN LINE!” and that was all she wrote.

“fuck that”, i told myself – i’ll still wait till october to get this shit renewed…but ended up waiting till december for various economic factors. finally pulled the trigger today so i could help guarantee after any holiday festivities where i got “too festive” that i wasn’t pulled over for some old sticker only for him to notice my breath smelled suspiciously “tequila-ish” and ended up popping me for DWI as a bonus. and when i finally renewed today i did NOT get a september sticker, or an ocotober sticker, or even a december sticker as i was doing it in december (inspection always goes with whenever you get it done, but your registration is supposed to NEVER change).

nope – i got “11-13” for the next sticker. so i have now had THREE different months. can’t wait till next november to see what month i get for 2014…shit, this is becoming less like state registration and more like state lottery scratch-off tickets!


all that being said, this IS new year’s eve folks – be safe…it’s a drunk amateur night!

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  • Shane Dec 31, 2012 @ 15:50

    Yup, more people that don’t know how to properly get plastered are gonna get lit, drive, and fuck it up for the professional booze hounds. So here is my advice…

    Shane’s Tips for NOT going to Fucking Jail on New Years Eve:
    1) Find a good party.
    2) Make sure you can pass the fuck out there.
    3) Before getting full on loaded, seize any and all sharpies, razors, basically anything that can be used to fuck with you once your passed out.
    4) Apply generous amounts of hi octane booze.
    5) Pass the fuck out…without driving ANYWHERE!
    6) Wake up on the 1st and swear to never drink that much again…until next time.