idiocracy – only on the documentary channel?

i know i’m behind the curve on this one…

…but i just saw idiocracy last week.

for those unfamiliar with the film it’s luke wilson, dax shepard, and a few others you’ll recognize in a story whereby an “average g.i. joe” gets frozen and wakes up over five hundred years in the future where he is now the most intelligent person on the planet.

and the more i think about the current generation and how their kids are being raised i think this could be our reality, minus the “smart guy” from our time to save their ass. the problem is quite a few of us have this idealistic view of the future through the only window into this linear thing we call time that any of us have – science fiction. in science-fiction future we’re all smarter and technology makes life easier so we can devote our efforts to more intellectual and humanitarian pursuits.

in reality SOME of us are smarter and technology only makes us lazier. think about it – when playtime involved going outside versus sitting on your ass with a PS3 controller in your hand and a bag of doritos in your lap there wasn’t a childhood obesity problem. now these fat-ass kids are allergic to dairy and wheat; their bodies are actually developing allergies to HEALTHY food versus, say, an allergy to snickers and mountain dew.

that’s fucked up.

you know the expression “history is written by the winners”? what they don’t tell you is science fiction is written by the smart people; so it only stands to reason that in their idealized glimpse of the future they’re revered and more common and the world is this intellectual utopia…’cause if YOU were writing about YOUR ideal world you’d make it paradise for you and all your friends, right? but the reality is the meek do NOT inherit the earth – at least not in our lifetimes. no, the meek get walked on and the earth is inherited by the people that already own it and they pass it down to their worthless, lazy kids, who then turn around and have to give it to the chinese who will soon own everything.

you know the asian references to “lazy american loafers”? yeah, that’s a bit more reality-based.

and speaking of “reality-based” that kind of television show should show you all you need to know – who are the celebs of the day? chumlee? snookie? shit, remember when we used to look at the rich and famous and want to be like them and LOOK like them? can you picture a world where people want to look like those two? what good would come of that shit?

let’s face it, kids – we’re were pretty much fucked regardless of who got (re)elected this week!