flip yo’ flop, fool!

well, now i get it…

…why most women hate men in flip-flops – ’cause they wear them like this:

note that he’s got an extra inch and some change at the end of his heel, but lest you think he grabbed the wrong size off the peg you can see his toes protrude and inch out the front of them, so they’re actually the right SIZE, they’re just sitting fucked up on his feet!

(and my apologies for the grainy camera phone pic but my phone is cheap and covert pic taking in a crowded sandwich shop during lunch hour isn’t easy)

i’m not gonna lie – i live in flip-flops when not at work. i think it goes to when i worked at dell – the first job i’d ever had where i couldn’t wear flip-flops TO work. i wore sandals all the time at 101x, sundance, hightower, and star tickets – pretty much everything that led up to dell. then i got there and no shorts, no flip-flops, no t-shirts…basically, don’t be comfortable.

fuck all that.

so needless to say for the six months i was unemployed after dell i lived in shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. and thank you very much, i have decent looking feet. a little hair, but not hobbit-like, a little ink, and my toenails are clipped 99% of the time (sadly as i write this it is a “one percenter” kind of day). job at the tattoo shop allows everything EXCEPT open-toed shoes, so when i’m off, you know what i’ll be wearing if i can…it’s just part of the whole “annoying warm natured” thing – the more of me that can breathe the better. on the upside, at least i know not to wear them out on dates…but in my life there’s not a lot of those going on lately…and at least don’t sit on my feet as fucked up as the guy above; i mean, how the fuck do you do that, anyway?

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  • Kramer Oct 7, 2012 @ 8:26

    For over a decade now, the only shoes I got: handmade cowboy boots and sandals — I believe you referred to them as “Jerusalem Cruisers” or some other hippie term.