let’s see how it go – do i owe myself a coke?

so, this weekend has been really cool and sucked really bad all at the same time…

…but i feel like one of you people right now.

and by “you people” i don’t mean one of the coloreds – i mean people with a normal schedule. and before anybody goes off on my use of the word “coloreds” keep in mind the black community still considers the “NAACP” their primary watchdog group to make sure they are treated fairly, and the “C” in “NAACP” stands for “colored” so i figure if they have it in their title it’s still an acceptable term. they can claim the word “nigga” as “their word” but the word “colored” doesn’t belong to the blacks – it belongs to crayola.

moving on…

before i go further i want to mention this is being written on (checks calendar) september 24th but i know won’t be read until october 4th. i wasn’t gonna have it that way. the bits this week (last week as you’re reading it) aren’t time sensitive so i coulda made this more of a current event – but didn’t because i want to check the “jinx” factor. have you ever done that? gone to tell somebody about the bad shit that resolved itself in your world and people say, “shush – don’t talk about it…you’ll jinx yourself!”.

is that a real thing?

i think it’s so universally believed it’s led to a culture where we always focus and talk about the negative and ignore the positive. as they used to tell me when i was studying broadcasting back in college – the 2,465 planes that took off and landed, as scheduled, aren’t news – the one that plows into a building is. strangely prophetic statement given the fact this all pre-dated 9-11 by over seven years but never mind that now. but i want to focus on the 2,465 for a minute and prove to all the naysayers that in doing so you don’t doom that one plane to drop – or do you? that’s why i’m allowing a week between writing and reading on this one on purpose.

so friday i was still having the coolant leak issue with the bmw AND i got notice direct tv was gonna cut me off due to non-payment because…well…i forgot to pay them when i did bills way back at the beginning of september. then saturday morning i woke up and my house a/c had frozen up. so i was staring down the barrel of car repairs, a/c repairs, and a satellite tv bill and couldn’t afford any of it, it’s a week till payday, and business was slow as hell.

not making me a happy camper, that.

fast-forward to monday morning: a simple filter change seems to have fixed the a/c problem (which is odd ’cause i’m typically really good about swapping my three month filters every four to six weeks due to dog hair and dust issues but i guess i spaced it ’cause it was pretty crudded up), and after being cut off some time sunday by direct tv i was able to negotiate some goodness with them to where not only will my bill be going down from $125 a month to under a $100 for the next year but i got my $250 two month deficit reduced to $100 and only had to pay $50 last night to get service restored. this will also free up the rest of that $125 at the start of october to where by the time you read this i should have had the issue on the car diagnosed and fixed.

so did writing this “jinx” me to where by the time you’re reading this i’m all sorts of fucked? look for my comment after it posts…

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  • sean Oct 5, 2012 @ 17:26

    we’ll count it as a “sorta” – the coolant issue continues and appears to be the radiator, which makes me glad i opted NOT to do the the pressure test i was gonna ’cause that would have made it worse…so far i’m just checking the level every morning and since i’ve only used water to top it off will continue to ride out the problem with actual antifreeze over the next week and then might try throwing ol’ pepper…and as for the house a/c, it still freezes up when the outside temp is below the inside temp, but i swapped out the filter AGAIN and it seems to be holding for now…so, “sorta”.