the circle of life, tech style

so the big news today? samsung owes apple a billion dollars…

…yep – a billion. dr. evil would be so proud!

they claim that basically all the new samsung products are just rip-offs of apple products. of course, i’ve always said that windows was basically just a rip-off of the apple 2e os but that’s because apple did the icon based thing first…but it was proprietary, and windows was more universal. same thing that made vhs (universal) win over beta (sony only) videotapes and, more recently, blu-ray winning over hd-dvd.

shit happens – we’ll see how this all goes down when all is said and done. but here’s what’s funny: apple makes products, but not the chips that go inside them. they don’t have wafer fabs – they outsource that shit. to a korean-based company. named “samsung”.

now that is fucking comedy at it’s purest.

here’s what i’m curious about – if the lawsuit brought on by apple will cripple samsung financially enough, or just flat-out piss ’em off enough, to make it to where they don’t supply (or can’t supply) the chips that make the apple products work in the first place.

THEN what the fuck do they do? all the apple phones go away, but all the android ones do, too? i don’t have either (and i AM having problems with my phone, but never mind that now) – but how many of you out there can say that? that your phone is neither apple nor android? could bring the world to a halt!

“it’s the end of the world as we know it…and i feel fine!”