is it heaven or hell on line one here?

i always get picked on ’cause i refer to my cars as “boys” instead of “girls”…

…i.e. rather than saying “she’ll do 140” i say “he could go faster than 140 if i got the chip re-done”. why? to be honest it’s ’cause my cars tend to stick by my side longer than any woman – and tend to be lower maintenance and more reliable.

but i think i can safely say my phone’s a chick.

it’s been a pretty good phone, i suppose. it’s not an android nor an iphone, and seems to be the only phone left on the planet that’s a flip phone with a full keyboard. when it finally goes (which could be this week, time will tell) i’ll miss that. i’m old school in the sense that i like to wear my phone like a pager – only the clip from the holster hanging out of my pocket. i like being able to just flip it shut to hang the fucker up. but when i dropped it almost a year ago and the hinge point snapped i saw the flaw in that design, although sprint replaced it for free.

that was nice of them as the insurance policy i have on it technically has a deductible.

but now less than a year later (save of the impact issue the last one had performed flawlessly for over a year and a half) this one has a poltergeist and a half. if i attempt to use facebook or the browser for more than five minutes it says the battery is dead and shuts down. if you wait a minute (literally) and re-start it the thing fires up and shows a full (or as full as it was before you went online) battery. likewise calls are cut off after about five minutes with the same result when you re-start it…so i’m convinced it’s NOT the battery, but rather the part of the phone that reads the battery. so it went from being a dream machine to being a nightmare…like so many girlfriends before it. temperamental little bitch.

but here comes the stand-off part: sprint won’t fix the phone until i pay my bill in full to be current. my stance is i shouldn’t have to pay for services i can’t even properly use and they need to fix the phone first. admittedly, part of this is me stalling ’cause i’m short on dough – but there’s also a sound principle here.

in february i was planning on upgrading to the iphone 5 and being done with it. at this point when my phone’s with me at work it’s on the desk, in the backpack, or in the cup holder of the car. and when i’m NOT working it just floats around the house, so for the most part the pocket issue isn’t as much of an issue as i don’t do a lot when i’m not working (partially for the pups, partially for economic reasons) so we’ll see how that all balances out.

but if you can’t reach me over the next couple weeks it’s probably ’cause the phone is still acting up, i got pissed, told sprint to go fuck themselves (after ten years) and tried to find another carrier, or it’s just still acting up period. so now ya’ know.