finally latched up proper!

i hate when i postpone projects…

…especially when it’s for reasons i later realize are pretty stupid. in this case it was my door latch on the car.

i don’t know how long i’ve had the part, but i know it’s more than sixty days ’cause i just tried to leave feedback on ebay and it won’t let me ’cause the purchase is more than sixty days ago…


my reason for the delay? two things, actually – number one, it’s been over a hundred degrees for quite some time, and i hate working outside in this kind of shit. sue me, i’m spoiled by a/c like that…and i’m okay with it.

and number two were the airbags. i’ve worked on car doors before, but never ones with airbags. shane did his window motor and set off the airbag light which he couldn’t get reset without dropping some serious dough.

i don’t have serious dough and the light would drive me nuts.

and then there’s the other problematic possibility – that the airbag would deploy in my face while i was working on the door. that was a bigger concern, obviously. but then i had a thought – if the door being shut on and off (and slammed on occasion by passengers) doesn’t set the airbag off, what are the chances i’ll hit something hard enough to trigger the airbag?

so i played russian roulette with the airbag and ended up okay.

yeah, my arm hurts from being wedged into places in the door it shouldn’t have gone. didn’t happen in the camaro, ’cause the insides of the door are fiberglass – but the beamer is all steel, and it doesn’t give.

my arm is feeling the ramifications of that today.

but the latch works, as does the window (you really have to fuck with the window track to get to the latch, so that was a concern) and now all my car projects (i had the parts for) are done. now i gotta save money before i can do any other ones, so hopefully i can finally get some housework done without procrastinating on it to work on the damn car projects that never got done!