only one hundred and sixty-two shopping days left

’till what, you might ask?

why, till the end of the world, of course!

what i love about we americans is we are about as ethnocentric as it gets – and by that, i mean we consider ourselves the yardstick by which the whole rest of the world measures itself; which is partially true, as we are the only country left that uses yard sticks instead of meter sticks, but never mind that now…

if the end of the world as we know it (i feel fine!) is actually gonna occur on the twenty-first of december, i have but one word to throw out there so we all can ponder together:


and guam, korea, japan, and all that area for that matter. see, this bit is being written just before eleven in the morning on the twenty-first of august…but it’s already the wee hours of the morning on the twenty-second over there.

so i figure if they survive, we survive, right? so when you think all will go shit-house, just check out the news…you know if australia crashed and burned it’ll make cnn. same for if the markets don’t open in tokyo on time.

and if they’re good, i figure we’re good.

and if they’re not, we’ll know we’ve got about twelve hours to fuck our brains out and get drunk and high as motherfuckers before it all crashes and burns.

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