sag yo’ pants, get the belt in south carolina!

for once, south carolina is AHEAD of the curve on something!

i’ll be damned – maybe the world DOES end this year!

but to combat the hip-hop wear trend (and i have to interject it’s amazing that it lasted as long as it has) a south carolina high school has taken to giving students the belt – and i don’t mean in the way some of your parents did (i’m not gonna lie – my parents never whipped me with a belt. a board, sure – but never a belt). no, i mean they literally LOAN them a belt so they can wear there pants up on the waist the way the designer intended.

but here’s my question – what about THESE idiots?

pants all off their ass AND they have a belt on – do they give them an instructional pamphlet on how to wear a belt? or make them take some after-school course? i think that’s when tax dollars get wasted – if you have to TEACH them how to wear a belt, do you just give them a taco bell application after they pass?