damn the man! fight the power! kill ronald!

the man is trying to keep us down…

…and it’s kinda stupid. i have a friday fast food tradition of undoing my workout for the day by hitting mcdonald’s for a double (or two) and a coke afterwards. they were full of high school kids, so i went through the drive-thru, where i saw this:

this is on the DRIVE-THRU? as in these are the rules for MY fucking car? no bare feet? gotta wear a shirt? can’t smoke? i can agree with two outta the three, actually – but who the fuck do they think they are telling me how to dress/act in my own fucking vehicle? pulling around the side of the building i saw the playscape, and it got worse:

NO FUCKING CLIMBING?!?!?!? are you serious? what else is a playscape for? that is some TOTAL bullshit! fuck them – super size this, motherfucker!